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Aleris Child- and Medical center in Uppsala has used the Infoping communications application in staff mobile phones since autumn 2015. Today, Aleris staff members can’t imagine a workday without the benefits the app provides.

Aleris is a private health-care chain that provides services in medical care, elder care, and psychiatry. With 10,000 employees in three countries, clinics in close to 50 Swedish cities, and SEK 7.5 billion in revenue, it is one of the largest companies in its field.

Aleris Child- and Medical center in Uppsala was one of the first medical centers given the opportunity to use the Infoping service in its business. We asked Anna-Karin Liljeqvist, who managed the project at Aleris, what she thought of Infoping and how it is to use the service on a daily basis.

Anna-Karin Liljeqvist.

- I happened to hear about Infoping from a doctor here. I contacted the company to hear if we might be able to test their service. We did! As it turned out, Infoping suited us so well it quickly replaced much of the internal communication previously done by telephone and email, says Anna-Karin Liljeqvist.

It can get very busy at this popular medical center in the heart of Uppsala, so the rapidity and simplicity have proven to be especially appreciated.

- The Infoping app is so easy to use. I immediately see who got the information, who didn’t—and who actually read the messages. When we used email, it happened often that people missed information. Now it pings immediately in our phones, which everyone always carries anyway. In addition, I can circulate questions and quickly get answers. It might be something as simple as, Are you coming to the planning meeting next Thursday? People can answer yes or no via the app, says Anna-Karin.

Example of a message in Infoping.

It’s great that I can manage everything both from my phone and the computer

Anna-Karin goes on to describe how she, like most people, used to have to propose several dates to her colleagues and then, through a process of compromise, find a date that worked for everyone. Now, instead of regular meeting invitations, day planners, and email exchanges, she quickly gets all the information she needs via Infoping. She already knows in advance what is most convenient for everyone. It saves time for her and staff members.

The polling function has also proven to be handy if a staff member is sick or unavailable. Anna-Karin used to call around among employees to see if anyone was able to work an extra shift. Now she asks a yes or no question via the app and knows right away whether someone can fill in on short notice. All of this directly benefits patients.

- It’s a really practical function, especially since you can create subgroups. It means I don’t need to send everything to everyone all the time. Instead I have my own groups of nurses, doctors, aides, physical therapists, and others. In this way, no one is bothered unnecessarily, says Anna-Karin.

Finally she wants to highlight the truly practical advantages in use.

- It’s great that I can manage everything both from my phone and the computer, but honestly, I use my phone the most. It’s so valuable to see immediately if someone has not received some piece of information, or if something needs to be followed up later.

A lot of the time previously spent in administration is thus freed for the benefit of the patients.

- And that’s how it should be, says Anna-Karin Liljeqvist before she hurries off to her next meeting.

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