Infoping in collaboration with one of Swedens largest sports clubs

The badminton club Fyrisfjädern in Uppsala has used the Infoping app, since the summer of 2015. Today the communication service is a central part of the club's dialogue with members, coaches, and staff at the office.

Fyrisfjädern is Sweden's largest badminton club, with about 4000 members. The sports club, which has existed since 1962, is actually called Uppsala KFUM badmintonklubb and is considered to be Sweden's most successful sports club, at least in terms of the number of national gold medals. In addition to an active and committed leadership, the club's own, and for the sport appropriate, badminton hall, probably had great significance for Fyrisfjäderns development and success. The hall was built in 1974 and named Fyrisfjädern.

Fyrisfjädern is Infopings very first customer. We therefore took the opportunity to ask some questions to Erik Jonzon, who managed the implementation, since the summer of 2015.

Erik Jonzon, CEO at Fyrisfjädern

We can now easily communicate with all groups involved in the club’s activities

- I heard about Infoping already before the service had been named. Good news spreads fast in a town like Uppsala, says Erik Jonzon with a smile and continues: - As the operations manager at the club, I had been looking for something that could simplify and improve Fyrisfjäderns communications. Infoping proved to be the solution, says Erik Jonzon.

Fyrisfjädern works very much like a medium-sized company. There are always decisions to be made and activities that need to be taken forward - youth activities with all the coaches, not the least. Some decisions are made in small groups, others in larger groups, and then there are also the members who want their say.

- I have a somewhat unique perspective when it comes to Infoping, since I followed the development of the service from the start. Like most apps, not everything worked as is was supposed to in the early test phase. The feature that interested me the most was the ability to create different groups, and that functionality, available in the currently stable version of Infoping, feels tailor-made for our needs here at Fyrisfjädern. We can now easily communicate with all groups involved in the club's activities, says Erik Jonzon.

Example pf a message in Infoping.

Erik continues to describe how Fyrisfjädern earlier, like most other sports clubs, used email, or if it was short notice, called around to coaches when someone was ill or otherwise were unable to attend. With Infoping it is easy to see who read the message, and to administrate and fill in vacancies, through the webinterface on the Infoping website, either via a PC or directly on the mobile.

Finally, Erik also wants to point out the purely practical advantages when it comes to communicating with members.

- Naturally, we as a modern sports club use social media as part of our communication. Infoping does not replace Facebook and Twitter, but it has proven to be a popular supplement where you yourself, as a member, can choose what information from the club you want to receive. A recent example was when we were looking for "sparring partners" to national gold winner Mattias Borg, in the context of an open court event. All members using Infoping was asked if they wanted to spar with Mattias at the event, and then of course with the option to answer "Yes" or "No." That kind of activities raises the community at the club, and the response rate was obviously very high, says Erik Jonzon, before rushing off to the daily hour of playing badminton.

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