This is how Infoping works

1. Send a new message from the app or from the web interface

2. It will instantly reach everyone as a push notification or as a smart SMS

3. See statistics who read the message, what they replied etc.


Recipients can give you feedback with reply buttons in your message.

This makes it easy to confirm that they have read the message or make their voice heard on an important issue.


You see detailed statistics on your sent messages.

You can see how the recipients have replied if you put reply buttons in the message. You can also see who has the Infoping app installed and to whom it has been delivered.

Smart SMS

Recipients who do not have the app get the message as a smart SMS. It is the same as a normal SMS, but with your custom sender name and a link at the end of the sms.

When the recipient click the link, a web page opens, where they can give you feedback from reply buttons.

Smart SMS can be branded with logo and colors if you have Infoping Premium.


A central part of Infoping is the groups you create. Each customer account has its own tree structure of groups where you add members.

The groups are the same for everyone who is part of the customer account. With permissions, you decide who should be administrator, sender and recipient.

Sender and administrator permissions are inherited downwards in the group system, which makes it easy to set up a system of subadministrators.


  • Communication is encrypted *
  • You own all your data
  • All data is handled confidentially in accordance with our Privacy policy

* Applies to the website and traffic between the server and app (incl. push). SMS is not encrypted.

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